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Achieve your Weight Loss Goals with the IBS Diet

Many of us end up wanting to lose a few extra pounds at some point. Whether it’s after a stressful period in our lives, or after noticing yourself gradually getting a bit plumper over the years, we’re all guilty of putting on a little excess weight here and there....

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How a sensitivity test can help IBS sufferers

Irritable bowel syndrome is a common condition affecting the large intestine. Unfortunately, there’s no known cure for it yet, but there are several ways in which it can be managed. In fact, there has been recent research indicating that a food sensitivity test could...

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Fighting Acne With a Food Intolerance Test?

Spots during puberty are a pain. Not many of us manage to reach adulthood without getting a few pimples here and their. But when acne persists well into adulthood, it's a sign that something needs to change. Could food intolerance testing be the key to getting rid of...

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Can an Elimination Diet Cause Nausea?

Can an Elimination Diet Cause Nausea? Elimination diets aren’t easy, especially if any of the foods you’re removing from your diet are something you're used to eating daily. But the elimination diet is still an important step following any food intolerance test. It...

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Do You Have Caffeine Intolerance?

Most of us tend to rely on some kind of caffeinated drink to get through the mornings. Whether your vice is coffee, tea, or energy drinks, we’re all partial to the energy-boosting effects of caffeine. But those with an intolerance to caffeine are less enthusiastic. It...

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Do I have Sugar Intolerance?

We all like to think that we all know what our body is capable of and that we understand everything that’s happening in them. But this is not always the case. Food intolerances, for example, can often be overlooked for years simply because their symptoms aren’t...

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