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We rely on our bodies to tell us when we aren’t at our best. We often recognize when we start to feel under the weather or unusually tired. But what about those signs that are too subtle for us to see? Food sensitivity is subtly present in many people who don’t even realize it. That’s why it’s important to have a food sensitivity test: want to learn how that works? Read on.

How the food sensitivity test works

The purpose of a food sensitivity test is to help you understand what your body reacts negatively to and what foods it has no problem with. When you understand what works with your body and what doesn’t, you can have a better relationship with your diet. The process looks like this:

  • Submit your sample for food intolerance testing: To begin, download our form, complete and send it, along with a carefully selected hair sample, to our laboratories for analysis. The hair sample test is the least invasive way to get results for food intolerance, but you can also check for blood intolerance tests if you prefer.
  • The sample is tested: Once received, the sample can be tested against more than 700 food and non-food items. These results gather into a list of items that are analyzed at 85% or more. This score (or higher) is seen as the threshold that indicates an individual is intolerant to the item. Often, many people are surprised by what they’re intolerant to.
  • You receive your results: Once the analysis is complete, you will receive your results (within 10 days of the lab receiving your sample). The results are categorized to help you understand which foods your body is likely to react to. This helps you understand which ingredients you should avoid.
  • Use the report: With your results to hand, we will also send you information to help you make use of the results. You may also benefit from additional advice related to your results and a detailed description of the nutrients that your body may lack if you remove certain foods.

All this information will help you better control your health in one way or another. With a simple test, you can improve your health and reduce annoying symptoms. It just depends on you whether you want to make use of the information or not.