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Many of us end up wanting to lose a few extra pounds at some point. Whether it’s after a stressful period in our lives, or after noticing yourself gradually getting a bit plumper over the years, we’re all guilty of putting on a little excess weight here and there. While there are many crazy diet plans that we could recommend to you, we’re actually going to suggest something a bit different. A diet that isn’t usually looked at as a weight loss plan, but more of a treatment plan – the IBS diet.

What is the IBS Diet?

The IBS diet is a particular diet that focuses on avoiding foods that tend to cause IBS flare-ups. More specifically, foods that are high in a certain kind of carbohydrate – FODMAPS – are known for creating issues in the digestive tract and leading to painful symptoms. Learning which foods are high in FODMAPs and which aren’t can help those living with IBS to avoid discomfort and get back to enjoying their meals again. But it doesn’t just stop there. The IBS diet isn’t only effective for those with IBS – people without the condition can reap other benefits as well.

Everyday Benefits of the IBS Diet

Improved gut health: Eating a bunch of foods high in FODMAPs can be detrimental to your gut health even without IBS. Since foods that are lower in FODMAPs are also lower in net carbs, they tend to be easier to digest and ultimately, better for your gut heath overall.

Less bloating and flatulence: Foods that are either rich or high carb are also known to cause flatulence and bloating. With the right foods eliminated from your diet, you can experience less of both symptoms, as the two do often come together and are cause by the same build-up of gas.

Less diarrhoea and constipation: If you eat high FODMAP foods regularly, you may notice that you’re having to put up with diarrhoea or constipation quite regularly – maybe even a constant switch between the two! You can often resolve these annoying and embarrassing symptoms by following an IBS diet.

Feel better and healthier: Most importantly, following an IBS diet will make you feel healthier all around. Eating a diet rich in gut-friendly foods will leave you feeling better inside and out. Poor gut health can bring on a whole host of issues and is even associated with mental disorders like anxiety and depression. You could end up improving not only your physical health, but also your mental wellbeing.

You’ll be much better equipped for achieving your weight loss goals with the IBS diet, as you won’t be constantly fighting bloating, sluggishness or gas while getting into your workout routine and keeping track of your calories. A low FODMAP diet will help you finally reach that dream body you’ve been chasing, all while making you feel amazing!