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We must understand what our bodies need before we can begin to take care of it. This applies to food, especially. But we also need to understand what our bodies don’t need- or what our body reacts negatively to. As food allergies are becoming more and more common worldwide, it’s more important than ever that we are testing against different food allergies. Singapore’s most common allergy – shellfish allergy – is no exception.

You can check for food allergies through a lab-driven test to determine how your body responds to certain food allergens. With hundreds of different allergens in our everyday food, the only way to know exactly which food is causing any symptoms is through a food allergy test.

Food Allergy Testing Methods

There are a few options when it comes to food allergy testing. First is the skin prick test. You’re exposed you to a small amount of a single food allergen, under the skin, to test for a reaction (such as a rash or excessive swelling). However, this isn’t always the best method. We believe a blood test to be a superior testing method because it allows you to test against multiple (hundreds even) of allergens at once. There is also the option for a hair root test. This uses a sample of hair (with the root) to test for a reaction.

Quick and Clear Results

With food allergy testing, you can get quick and solid results. This takes the out guesswork of trying to eat around an unknown allergy and gives you the freedom to eat without fear again. It helps you avoid further, more adverse reactions to your meals. Especially since what may start out as a mild reaction to a certain food could grow into a more severe reaction the next time around.

Food Allergies can be Serious

From skin rashes to stomach pains to difficulty breathing, food allergies can be very serious. They must be recognized, so you can keep yourself safe and symptom-free. Food allergy testing is fast, safe, and easy to do. It could be your key to a better life.